Wine, Cheese, Sorbet & Art: Inaugural Fundraising Benefit Set

Those who donate prior to the end of our fiscal year (August 31, 2009) will be featured on our website, certain promotional materials and fiscal reports as Charter Donors:

Donor Type         Individual            Corporate

Benefactor:              $50-$99                    $500- $999

Leader:                     $100-$499               $1,000-$4,999

Innovator:              $500-$999               $5,000-$9,999

Guardian:             $1,000-$1,499           $10,000-$14,999

Champion:           $1,500-$1,999           $15,000-$19,999

Angel:                       $2,000+                       $20,000+

Those who help us meet our goal by donating prior to 10:00am June 30th, 2009 will be invited to attend our inaugural benefit as honored guests and enjoy an evening of:

Wine tasting – courtesy of Pindar Vineyards

Sorbet tasting – courtesy of Wine Cellar Sorbets

Cheese Tasting – courtesy of East Village Cheese

And a live performance by visual artist Mayumi Ishino

Event Space graciously donated by 320Studios

Please e-mail us at for event details (date & time), to make a donation and to reserve your place.

A recent NYTimes article highlighted how today’s economic crisis is furthering the economic divide for poor and working classes:

“…the Economic Policy Institute offers data showing that blue-collar unemployment is increasing three times as fast as white-collar unemployment. The last two recessions — in the early ’90s and in 2001 — produced mass white-collar layoffs, and while the current one has seen plenty of downsized real-estate agents and financial analysts, the brunt is being borne by the blue-collar working class, which has been sliding downward since deindustrialization began in the ’80s.

The recession of the ’80s transformed the working class into the working poor, as manufacturing jobs fled to the third world, forcing American workers into the low-paying service and retail sector. The current recession is knocking the working poor down another notch — from low-wage employment and inadequate housing toward erratic employment and no housing at all. Comfortable people have long imagined that American poverty is far more luxurious than the third world variety, but the difference is rapidly narrowing.”

Help us get reach our goal, and in doing so, help us build today the infrastructure of an organization that can begin to dismantle the barriers to economic equality.

Our need, and the needs of those we serve is urgent, and real.


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