Profound Gratitude …

We would like to thank all of those who attended and donated to our inaugural benefit.

We are sincerely thankful for  the participation and support of our first CHARTER DONORS:


      Benefactor ($50-$99):

Waqar Ali

Helen Cristofalo

Olivier Ceberio

Donna D’Alessandro

Matt de la Fuente

Greg Eckstrum

Stan Fediuk

Sue-Anne Maduro

Kristin Mattiske

Tuknekah Noble

Jeffrey D. Roth

Julia Schmidt

Ruby Thomas

Janene Violetta         

Leader ($100 – $499):                    

                   John Coyne

Ebbie Parsons III

Jonathan Tran

Vicki Tsunis

Testsuo & Gerri Yoshida

Innovator ($500-999):                            

Guardian ($1,000-$1,499):                            

Champion ($1,500-$1,999):                   

Angel ($2000+):

Mr. Jonathan Valenti




East Village Cheese 

Mayumi Ishino

Pindar Vineyards 

Wine Cellar Sorbets


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