What: A service corps of graduates from top undergraduate business, economic & finance programs who will provide financial services to low-income Americans & innovate new technologies, products & services for low-income Americans, those at the Bottom of our economic Pyramid (BoP).

Mission: To foster the culture & innovation that dismantle the barriers to economic equality.

Vision: The FC envisions an America where everyone has access to a sound financial education & the tools necessary to realize the American dream, and where our leaders take great care in their fiduciary responsibility to all Americans.

Who: The core of the Financial Corps are our Corps: those volunteering their time to provide free financial services to members of the community, and well-educated, well-trained talent to our partner non-profits and the clients they servce. Integral to the successful execution of our vision and mission are the Board of Directors and  Board of Advisors, as well as  the many others who have helped us along the way.


Please meet the very first Financial Corps. These six men and women completed an intensive 2-week training June 8-19;  June 22 they began to provide financial counsel to low-income New York City residents via placements at: The Financial Clinic, Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City, and West Bronx Housing and Neighborhood Resource Center.

Camille Avena

Camille Avena “I attend Fordham University, where I am double majoring in math/economics and social science. I hope to go to graduate school someday to study economics. My dream career would be working for the Federal Reserve as a researcher. I chose Financial Corps because it combines my interests in finance/economics with my desire to help others.”

PLACEMENT: The Financial Clinic


Deeksha Gulati ” Deeksha graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Biology and Biomedical Applied Science. After graduation she worked as a Life Sciences Consultant with a leading management consulting firm. She is also the cofounder of a non-profit organization, which facilitates educational and cultural exchange between young professionals and under-privileged children in developing countries. She hopes that interning with the FC will educate her about the financial reality of many while giving her the opportunity to help them out to the best of her abilities.”

PLACEMENT: West Bronx Housing and Neighborhood Resource Center


Joe Schiavo “Joe is studying economics and French at Vassar College with a particular interest in microfinance and international policy. He joined the Financial Corps to seize the opportunity to affect lives and to apply his interests in economic development. He is an avid jazz trumpet player and will be joining the Vassar Writing Center as a consultant in the fall.”

PLACEMENT: The Financial Clinic


Forbes Huang  “My name is Forbes Huang and I am working towards a finance and economics double major at the Stern School of Business at NYU. I hope to one day work at Goldman Sachs, and have already decided to go on to get an MBA and perhaps a PHD in either finance or economics. My joining of the Financial Corps allows me to use elements of my studies and major to help those in need. Part of the American Dream is to own a house and in many of the foreclosure cases which i may come across, people are in danger of having their houses taken away. It is my desire to help and assist these people to save their houses and to save their dreams.”

PLACEMENT: Neighborhood Housing Services of NYC


Joshua Williams “Joshua is a rising senior at Columbia University majoring in Psychology. He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where his strong academic and athletic accomplishments gave him the opportunity to play Varsity Football for the Columbia Lions. Josh joined the FC team to combine his leadership skills, competitive nature, and Psychology background, and hopes to develop a business finance mindset in order to help low-income communities.”

PLACEMENT: West Bronx Housing and Neighborhood Resource Center

FC headshotKentaro Yoshida Kentaro is a recent graduate in English from Boston University, but was born and raised in the Bronx where he wants to be part of the beginngins of a new cultural revolution. He has written and edited for various Boston publications, including The Daily Free Press and 201 Magazine. His short story, “Double Vision”, was published in the Bronx Council on the Arts literary magazine, Crossbronx. He is proud to be a 4th generation Japanese-American born into a family of thespians – a rarity among Asian-Americans. Over the years, he has appeared in numerous plays, TV shows, and commercials, which helped pay for college. He is currently attempting to end poverty in America with the Financial Corps and living frugally, all the time wondering why he did not go pre-med so he could provide his kids one day with food and shelter.”

PLACEMENT: Neighborhood Housing Services of NYC


The Financial Corps was conceived & designed by Kirstin Broderick, a Social Worker and graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School where she concentrated in strategic management & economic development.

The FC was Co-Founded by Daniel Choi, who received his BA in economics from Dartmouth and worked in finance and consulting before working on this project full time.


Kirstin Broderick, BA/BSW, MSW, MPA

Daniel Choi, BA

Jonathan Tran, BA


The countless hours FC’s co-founders have put in this past year would be for naught if it were not for the support and help of our friends and family, and our business plan would not be the sound, implementable  road map to change it is today without the advise & counsel of our advisors:

Board of Advisors (please note, they are here as a courtesy to us, and in no way represent or speak for their employers in their capacity as advisors to the FC)

Waqar Ali, MS, MPA, MBA, Bain, Inc.

Lilly Cho, BA, MHCI, LiquidNet.

Rachel Chu, BA, JD, Latham & Watkins, LLP.

Matt De La Fuenta, BA, Harlem Children’s Zone

Anik Gandhi, BA, Energy Future Holdings (KKR/TPG)

Jeff Roth, BS, MPP, NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations

Jonathan Tran, BA, CitiGroup

Shearman & Sterling, LLP (FC Pro-Bono Legal Counsel)

Other Advisors/Team Members/Partners. Countless people and organizations have provided us advice and assistance in a number of ways, and we thank them all.   We would like to particularly mention the following people, who played particular roles in developing the direction and mission of the FC.  While we wouldn’t be here today without all the help we have received, if it weren’t for the help, dedication and wisdom of these people below, the FC’s mission and model would not be the implementable version it is today:

Alywn Dias, Dick Cavanagh, Christina Deady, Priya GandhiRobert GlauberSabrina Huff, NeighborWorks America, Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City, Paul Kealy, Ebbie Parsons III, Kristin Mattiske, Ursula MartinezCynthia Medina-Carson, Lawrence Walmsley, West Bronx Housing and Neighborhood Resource Center