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Introducing our first team of Corps

Our first six corps just completed their first week of intensive training.  Each day they had to master the literature on an entire subject (respectively: Poverty, globally & domestically; Data collection & analysis/business planning/innovation; Counseling skills; Financial planning; Foreclosure), and within 24 hours submit a one-page “White Paper” on the subject.

Next week they will begin a 5-day case-based counseling “boot-camp.” June 22 they will begin at their placements.

While the particulars of each placement might vary slightly, each corps will spend this summer not only analyzing the FC model and innovating ways to improve it, but more importantly they will be providing financial consultation to NYC residents in economic distress.

While we only had 6 placements, and we began to recruit late into the summer internship recruiting cycle, we received almost 30 applications for summer FC Corps (internship) positions.  21 of these made it to the phone-screen/behavioral interview, 12 of these made it the in-person, case-based interview. In the end, only 7 were given offers.

We proudly introduce our first six FC Corps:

Camille Avena, from Fordham University

Deeksha Gulati, from the University of Pennsylvania

Forbes Huang, from NYU

Joe Schiavo, from Vassar College

Joshua Williams, from Columbia University

Kentaro Yoshida, from Boston University

Please see our “About” page for each corps’ bio and head-shot.


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Micro-Pilot to Begin this Monday June 8th

Lack of funding, of office space or any paid staff will not stop us from implementing our micro-pilot this coming week (This is not to say we do not welcome funding.  We do.  Quite eagerly!).

This past month we screened and interviewed over 20 applicants for summer internships.  We were humbled by the stellar nature of our applicants, who hail from Boston University, Columbia, Fordham, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, and Vassar. 

It was very difficult to make our selections, but this afternoon we extended offers to 6 of these phenomenal young men and women. We would love to offer them all a position, but as of this writing, we have yet to secure enough positions with partner non profits for all our qualified applicants.

We have established partnerships with three NYC-based non-profits who will host our summer corps: The Financial Clinic, NYC Neighborhood Housing Services, and The West Bronx Housing and Neighborhood Resource Center.

This Monday will commence an intensive two-week training course to prepare our summer interns to successfully financialy counsel and advise clients, and to enable them to empower their clients to build long-term, realistic & sustainable debt-elimination and wealth-building plans.

Corps will be trialing our training, placement, service, data-collection, knowledge-transfer & innovation models this summer, and providing us feedback and constructive criticism on our model via weekly team meetings where all corps and executive staff come together to exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned. The results of this 10-week micro-pilot will inform our full-year, Model-Office pilot, which we will implement in NYC this fall.

Our summer interns will be presenting the executive summaries for an innovation that could close the income gap Friday, August 21st.

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