DONATE:  Make a difference by donating the funds necessary to provide low-income Americans high-caliber financial counsel, and our future financial leaders an important opportunity to put their financial skills to use for the common good.

Co-founders Dan & Kirstin have worked  70+ hours a week, unpaid, since last summer to bring this vision to life.  It was well worth every moment.

We  excitedly began our micro-pilot with 6 interns from top NYC schools, providing services to 3 NYC non-profits, June 8th, 2009.

To get to this point, we happily cashed out our (failing) 401K’s, appeared as extras in cable commercials, crashed on loved-one’s couches, barista at coffee shops, and cleaned friends apartments for the funds to buy the coffee to keep us going. But we can’t continue to implement this model without addressing basic needs: we can’t contract with partner organizations if we are working part-time gigs to make ends meet; we can’t begin to improve the future of Wall Street and the service sector if we can’t  recruit our first team of 10 full-time corps, and we can’t hire them without the funding to pay them.

We can’t begin to hurry up history and close the income gap WITHOUT YOUR HELP.

The Fund for the City of New York (FCNY) has agreed to fiscally sponsor the FC through the end of January 2010, and may take us on as one of their projects if we are able to raise the next year’s budget by that time! Through then and now, you can make tax-deductible donations to the FC via the link above or e-mail us at financialcorps@gmail.com for more information and other methods by which to donate to the Financial Corps. THANK YOU. very much.

Please donate ASAP so that we cannot only pilot a model office, but also to ensure that FCNY takes us on as one of their projects. Without a working budget for the coming fiscal year, FCNY cannot continue to help us and sponsor the FC fiscally. But with your donation, they can! Thank you.

COMMENT: Make a difference by sharing your ideas or sending us constructive criticism on our model: http://financialcorps.ideascale.com

APPLY:  Make a difference by putting sweat equity into closing America’s income gap.

We are now accepting applications for the 10 Corps who will staff our pilot “Model Office,” which will begin with a four-week intensive training February 2010. Placements with ~5 NYC-based non-profits will last till July 30th. The first Financial Corps Business Plan Competition will be held Thursday August 5th.

To apply, please send the following, with the subject line: APPLY FC WINTER 2010 – LAST NAME (For example, Mr. Smith would send his application with the subject line, “APPLY FC WINTER 2010 – SMITH”), to ApplyFC2009@gmail.com:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resume
  3. Transcript (may be in .pdf or .jpeg format)
  4. 500-word statement explaining (titled, “Statement 1”):
    • Why you want to be a Financial Consultant with the Financial Corps, and
    • How this position fits into your overall career goals.
  5. 500-word statement explaining (titled, “Statement 2”):
    • The role service has or has not yet played in your life, and how you see the Financial Corps fitting in with your personal service history
    • NOTE: It is not necessary to have a history of service to qualify for a service-employment role with the FC.

Please use your last name as an extension on all attachments (For example, “Smith_Cover Letter.doc” or “Smith_Statement 2.doc”)


All Inquiries/application/donations (address forwards directly to both our personal e-mail accounts): financialcorps@gmail.com

Founder/Director: Kirstin Broderick